Last Friday, 4th November, the students of first of Bachillerato went to the Stadium Casablanca.

The first thing we did was Zumba. We started the lesson doing the warm-up with easy songs, then it became more difficult to follow the movements of the teacher. At the end we had a lot of fun,  it´s a different way of doing sports and although we couldn´t follow every step, it was great. We will repeat this experience for sure because we think we all liked it even though we didn´t know how to dance. So, we recommended people to try.

Apart from this activity, we did Spinning. Spinning is a method of exercising, done in gyms on a static bicycle and you can change intensity. We spent one hour doing it, helped by a teacher who was cheering us up all the time. Some of us got exhausted and we drank a lot of water; and although we finished with a low intensity, we were tired and sweaty.

Finally, we did a Circuit to our muscles. We did some resistance strength exercises on different machines that were in the gym and worked muscles like the quadricps, twins, triceps then did a TRX circuit that consisted in going through different stations and doing about ten repetitions of each, all of them  with resistance strength as well.